Some Of The Things You Might Actually Miss When The Kids Go To School

Missing kids

Like me, part of you has been excited for the kids to go to school because you will have more freedom and time. But what you may have not realized is that once your kids are off to school, there are actually quite a few things that you will miss.

The Noise

We all know that most kids are pretty loud. And at times it can get pretty frustrating with all the noise around. It can make it hard to think. But, when the kids actually first go to school, the house is so quiet and you actually start to miss the noise. Sounds crazy, but those screams of joy and complaining will actually be missed. So next time your kids are too loud, think that they will soon be off to school and you may actually miss the noise. This way you may be able to enjoy it before it is too late.


I always loved it when my kids would ask to go to our local playground. That is when they were not playing computer games. I would bring a to-go coffee with me and sit in the sun while my kids played. Now that they are at school, this is a pretty rare occasion. Enjoy this time while you have it, I am sure you will miss it like I do.

Changing Diapers

This is another one that I never thought that I would miss. Changing diapers was never a fun thing for me to do. However, once my kids no longer needed diapers, I was kind of sad. Who would have thought that changing diapers would be missed? That pleasant smell and the always seemed to be inconvenient timing.


Finally, I really miss my kids when they go to school. When they were home, there is a lot of work for me to do, but I really like the constant companionship each day all day and not just after school.

Caring for Your Child During Summer School

Sun exposure

Getting through the school year as a parent is no easy feat. Every day comes with hectic schedules, a slew of activities, and never-ending homework. However, once summer starts to appear on the horizon, an entirely new challenge presents itself: what will you do when your kids are no longer in school, but at home each day? Many parents choose to enroll their children in various summer activities, from daily camps to weeks of summer school. While all of these exciting plans and adventures will certainly keep your kids entertained and engaged, it’s important to ensure that they are taken care of before they head out the door each day as well. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure they get the most out of their summer school without any mishaps.

Help Nurture What They Learn

Summer school often comes with less homework and more fun, but that doesn’t mean that children should learn less. The projects and assignments that they complete in summer school may be more creative, more scientific, or even specialized based on the program they’re in – and whatever it is they learn, you can keep it going by encouraging them at home. Help them excel by talking about their various projects and assignments, or even working with them to complete any homework assignments. Although you won’t be there to learn alongside them, they can feel even more excited to return the next day. Another tip to employ is journaling; when kids write about their days and their learning, they can better process and retain the information. Help them write about each day of summer school, and you’ll be bettering their overall experience.

Send Sun Protection

Whether your child will be spending the day learning outside in the sun or only stepping out for recess, it’s important that they are protected from the damaging rays of UV light all day long. Children aren’t likely to take care of their own sun protection needs, but if you prepare them with products that can keep them from burning they can get help from their teachers, aides, or counselors. Send them with a bottle of sunscreen, and apply a coat before they leave; make sure they have a hat handy, too, to keep their faces protected.

Busy Parent? Try Following These Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great


Motherhood is stressful enough as it is. Not that it is a bad thing because what you get in return in priceless. However, with the different responsibilities and chores that you have lined up, there is one thing that you shouldn’t forget – you and your skin.

Taking care of one’s skin is imperative. Not only that it is the largest organ of your body, it is also our body’s first line of defense. If left neglected, you will find yourself having wrinkles and stretchmarks with skin looking dull and dry. Follow these tips to keep your skin looking great.

Tip #1

Always remember to wash your face every morning and every night before going to bed using a mild cleanser. Understandably, you may be too tired at the end of the day but you need to remove the dirt and oil that has accumulated on your face throughout the day so your skin will not break out.

Tip #2

Moisturize. When you wash your skin, you may have also removed its natural oil. Use moisturizer to replenish the moisture lost in order to keep your skin supple and healthy.

Tip #3

Protect your skin from the sun if you need to be exposed to the sunlight for some time. Put on some sunscreen, wear wide-brimmed hats or long sleeved shirts if necessary. You only want an adequate amount of sun exposure because you also need sunlight in order for your body to produce Vitamin D.

Tip #4

Eat healthy. Eat foods that are good for your skin like carrots, berries, tomatoes and pumpkin. You are not only doing this to keep yourself healthy, you are also setting a good example to your kids on what to eat. Besides, these are also great food for your toddlers. Don’t forget to drink water too.

Tip #5

Schedule a “Me” time. With all things going on, it wouldn’t hurt to take a short time to just relax and de-stress yourself. You can do this before the kids wake up or before going to bed. Keep in mind that stress can affect your skin, causing it to break out. So, take a break. Everyone needs that – even moms.

When Should You Start Working Out?

weight lifting

Exercise is essential regardless of your age. It is important that we engage in physical activities because our body and our health benefit so much from it. There are so many health benefits from consistent exercise and a combination of low impact exercise such as walking, and higher impact such as HIIT or weight training. There are different types of physical activities. You can swim, run, do Yoga or Pilates or go into bodybuilding. When it comes to lifting weights and bodybuilding, does it matter when you start engaging into that activity?

Bodybuilding is a type of physical activity where one puts on muscle mass by working out and following a specifically designed diet. It can be done recreationally or as a competitive sport. A lot has been concerned that bodybuilding at such a young age could stunt the growth of the child. Children’s bodies are underdeveloped and they could be too young to handle the stress of weight training and their bodies are not physically mature enough. However, there are studies showing that this can actually be beneficial for the children. Aside from increasing muscular strength, it can improve brain-muscle interaction and it helps reduce the risk of injury.

If your child is interested in bodybuilding or weightlifting and you think he is too young, at least try to listen before completely dismissing the idea. The good thing about this is that this could be a habit that your child could pick up and the discipline he learns from the activity is something that he could use later on in life.

When you do decide to pursue with it, safety should always be considered. Children must be supervised by someone who’s trained, knowledgeable and mature. That mentor or trainer should acknowledge that children should not be training at the same intensity as that of an adult. Lifting light weights with more reps is more appropriate.

Things Are Different When The Kids Go To School

School bus

So you just took your kids to school for the first time and just arrived home, with the kids at school, now what? Seems strange that this would be an issue at all but you can’t get a full time job because you need to pick them up from school at 3:30 unless you have after school care and the amount of part time jobs out there is virtually non-existent, what are we going to do with our day? It’s going to be really quiet, so quiet that the only thing you will hear is your dog snoring. Feels like an empty nest at home. So what to do you ask, try out some of the following tips to make the most of your freedom.

Too Quiet At Home? Try Playing Music

Seeing as the kids are now in school, the house will seem quiet, very quiet! It can often feel rather uncomfortable and sometimes having some music on or even the TV playing in the background can do the world of good. So try this next time the house feel too quiet and it should boost your mood. If you are thinking that you don’t have enough music to get you through to lunchtime, try using a website like accuradio, you can choose from many genres and have countless hours of great music.

Find Other Mums With Common Interests

This is a great way to make some new friends and keep busy during the day. Having a long lunch with friends can be a great idea or even doing classes with friends such as yoga or palates. You can also meet great like minded people in these sorts of classes. Or you can try searching for mothers groups on the internet for your local area.

Take Up That Hobby You Have Always Wanted To Do But Never Had Time For

This is a great opportunity to take up that hobby that you have always wanted to do. Take up that sport that you used to play or try something new. Remember, playing sports is a great way of losing weight and feeling much healthier. Or perhaps even study externally. You will have lots of time to study during the day and even get that degree that you have always wanted. You could try taking a painting class, yoga classes, or anything else that you have always wanted to do. The world is your oyster.

Try Volunteering Or Even Start Your Own Business

Another great way to get satisfaction and keep you busy is to either volunteer or start your own business. These are great ways to keep busy while helping other people, a win-win situation. If you are thinking of starting your own business, look into government funding as depending on where you live, there may be significant government incentives to help you get your business underway.

4 Side Effects Of Giving Birth

Postpartum depression

So we are at month 9 in our pregnancy and about to give birth. Great, our bodies will soon go back to normal both feeling normal and looking normal right? Well yes, but only if you are the very few lucky ones. There are lot of side effects from pregnancy and giving birth that some of us may not know about. For some of us, we will never be the same unless we get help. You are not alone in dealing with these issues. Seek a doctor’s opinion and your partners. So here is a list of side effects that may occur from pregnancy but the list is only a snap shot of all the actual potential side effects.

Postnatal Depression

This is one of the side effects that I never even heard about before having kids. I was also surprised how common it is. So what is postnatal depression? Well let’s put it this way, your life has been pretty similar for many years before you have kids. Even during pregnancy your life would be similar to pre-pregnancy minus the drinking and extreme sports! But after the baby is born, your life changes completely. You struggle even to leave the house once during the day, you don’t sleep almost at all, tired all the time, and are basically a slave to this baby. You feel cut off from the world and your friends. Some new mothers don’t mind about these things, but others do. And they can get very depressed over it. If you suspect that you or your partner is suffering from postnatal depression, please see your doctor asap! You can work through it!

Stretch Marks

Most woman will receive a little gift from pregnancy – stretch marks. These are usually around the abdomen and can vary greatly in severity. Some new mother’s may only get minor stretch marks which only last a month, some may get stretch marks that last a lifetime, and some may get no stretch marks at all. But there are things that we can do to help combat stretch marks both during and after pregnancy. Have a look online for home remedies and store bought options. The sooner you treat stretch marks the better, but they can also be helped if you have them for years, it just takes longer to hide them.

Weight Gain

It is very common for new mothers to put on weight. This happens for a couple of reasons, firstly our bodies were used to feeding for two and now that your baby is born that no longer happens. Another reason is that we are now very short of time to look after ourselves. We no longer go for our runs, bike rides etc. and are quickly stacking on the weight. It may be hard, but try to look after yourself during this time and prepare meals and snacks ahead of time during baby nap time.

Baby Blues

This was another one that I had never heard of. What are baby blues? Often when new mothers first have a baby (first week or so) we often feel very moody, tired, and possibly anxious. This is due to the shock to our bodies of giving birth and dealing with so many changes in our lives. After the first week of so, we settle down and get on with it. This is not to be confused with postnatal depression which is usually much more serious and can be long term.

Now That The Kids Are At School, It’s Time To Look After Yourself!

Living School

Lose Weight

In many cases, once we have kids and look after them before they go to school, it is quite likely that we have stacked on a few extra pounds over that time. Now is a great time to lose that extra weight as we have the time. What worked for me was to start with weight loss shakes. These weight loss shakes are basically a meal replacement so I started with 2 a day which is usually the maximum recommended. I replaced breakfast and lunch then ate dinner. Once a lost a bit of weight, I dropped down to one shake a day, just breakfast. Then ate two meals a day. Until finally when I felt I lost enough weight, I dropped the shakes all together.

Eat Healthy

I believe that eating healthy is just as important as the weight loss shakes above. If you are having these shakes but are eating an unhealthy dinner or snacks, the shakes will not work. Also you need to get into the right habit of eating right so once get off the weight loss shakes fully, you won’t put the weight back on. The best way to eat healthy is to plan ahead. Always have healthy snacks and ingredients for dinner ready and don’t fall off the wagon and get take out. Here are some handy healthy dinner recipes. You have a lot more time now to prepare healthy meals and get yourself healthy.

Get Fit

Another important point is that this is a good opportunity to get fit! Try exercising for an hour a day each day your kids are at school. The exercise could be a fast walk, run, bike ride, swimming, or even going to the gym. I find that the best time to do this is on the way home from dropping the kids at school. Otherwise if I get home first then time seems to disappear and it’s lunch time before I know it. After exercise, I always feel so much happier also and de-stressed.

Hope these tips can get you back in shape and live a healthier and happier life.

Great Snack Ideas For Your Kids While They Are At School

Living School

Once your kids start heading to school, they will probably quite quickly be asking you to give them snacks to take to school. So what are the options? It’s not like we will give our kids chips and a doughnut as snacks. So what are the better and healthier options? Here is our top list.

Trail Mix

When I say trail mix, I am not talking about the ones with chocolates and other nasties in there. I am talking about the ones which have good ingredients and best of all is to choose your own ingredients to put in the trail mix and make your own. So choose your favorite unsalted and unroasted nuts and a couple of dried fruits and your children will have a delicious and healthy snack for school.

Homemade Protein Bars

Homemade protein bars are far easier to make then you may think. Not only that, but they taste great. And what’s even better is that they are really good for you and your kids. You can choose the exact flavors and they are really quick to make. There are plenty of homemade protein bars recipes on the internet or you can invent your own.


One of my favorites to give my kids is to cut up vegetables as a snack. I usually cut up celery and carrots but can also include peppers or which other vegetables you like. These are really quick to prepare, really healthy, and taste great. Your kids will love them.


Another great option is to add fruits to your kids lunch boxes. Adding bananas, apples, pears, or an orange can be great additions. Obviously you will know exactly which fruit and vegetables and fruit your kids like, so work with your kids for the best outcome.