Great Snack Ideas For Your Kids While They Are At School

Living School

Once your kids start heading to school, they will probably quite quickly be asking you to give them snacks to take to school. So what are the options? It’s not like we will give our kids chips and a doughnut as snacks. So what are the better and healthier options? Here is our top list.

Trail Mix

When I say trail mix, I am not talking about the ones with chocolates and other nasties in there. I am talking about the ones which have good ingredients and best of all is to choose your own ingredients to put in the trail mix and make your own. So choose your favorite unsalted and unroasted nuts and a couple of dried fruits and your children will have a delicious and healthy snack for school.

Homemade Protein Bars

Homemade protein bars are far easier to make then you may think. Not only that, but they taste great. And what’s even better is that they are really good for you and your kids. You can choose the exact flavors and they are really quick to make. There are plenty of homemade protein bars recipes on the internet or you can invent your own.


One of my favorites to give my kids is to cut up vegetables as a snack. I usually cut up celery and carrots but can also include peppers or which other vegetables you like. These are really quick to prepare, really healthy, and taste great. Your kids will love them.


Another great option is to add fruits to your kids lunch boxes. Adding bananas, apples, pears, or an orange can be great additions. Obviously you will know exactly which fruit and vegetables and fruit your kids like, so work with your kids for the best outcome.