4 Side Effects Of Giving Birth

Postpartum depression

So we are at month 9 in our pregnancy and about to give birth. Great, our bodies will soon go back to normal both feeling normal and looking normal right? Well yes, but only if you are the very few lucky ones. There are lot of side effects from pregnancy and giving birth that some of us may not know about. For some of us, we will never be the same unless we get help. You are not alone in dealing with these issues. Seek a doctor’s opinion and your partners. So here is a list of side effects that may occur from pregnancy but the list is only a snap shot of all the actual potential side effects.

Postnatal Depression

This is one of the side effects that I never even heard about before having kids. I was also surprised how common it is. So what is postnatal depression? Well let’s put it this way, your life has been pretty similar for many years before you have kids. Even during pregnancy your life would be similar to pre-pregnancy minus the drinking and extreme sports! But after the baby is born, your life changes completely. You struggle even to leave the house once during the day, you don’t sleep almost at all, tired all the time, and are basically a slave to this baby. You feel cut off from the world and your friends. Some new mothers don’t mind about these things, but others do. And they can get very depressed over it. If you suspect that you or your partner is suffering from postnatal depression, please see your doctor asap! You can work through it!

Stretch Marks

Most woman will receive a little gift from pregnancy – stretch marks. These are usually around the abdomen and can vary greatly in severity. Some new mother’s may only get minor stretch marks which only last a month, some may get stretch marks that last a lifetime, and some may get no stretch marks at all. But there are things that we can do to help combat stretch marks both during and after pregnancy. Have a look online for home remedies and store bought options. The sooner you treat stretch marks the better, but they can also be helped if you have them for years, it just takes longer to hide them.

Weight Gain

It is very common for new mothers to put on weight. This happens for a couple of reasons, firstly our bodies were used to feeding for two and now that your baby is born that no longer happens. Another reason is that we are now very short of time to look after ourselves. We no longer go for our runs, bike rides etc. and are quickly stacking on the weight. It may be hard, but try to look after yourself during this time and prepare meals and snacks ahead of time during baby nap time.

Baby Blues

This was another one that I had never heard of. What are baby blues? Often when new mothers first have a baby (first week or so) we often feel very moody, tired, and possibly anxious. This is due to the shock to our bodies of giving birth and dealing with so many changes in our lives. After the first week of so, we settle down and get on with it. This is not to be confused with postnatal depression which is usually much more serious and can be long term.