Some Of The Things You Might Actually Miss When The Kids Go To School

Missing kids

Like me, part of you has been excited for the kids to go to school because you will have more freedom and time. But what you may have not realized is that once your kids are off to school, there are actually quite a few things that you will miss.

The Noise

We all know that most kids are pretty loud. And at times it can get pretty frustrating with all the noise around. It can make it hard to think. But, when the kids actually first go to school, the house is so quiet and you actually start to miss the noise. Sounds crazy, but those screams of joy and complaining will actually be missed. So next time your kids are too loud, think that they will soon be off to school and you may actually miss the noise. This way you may be able to enjoy it before it is too late.


I always loved it when my kids would ask to go to our local playground. That is when they were not playing computer games. I would bring a to-go coffee with me and sit in the sun while my kids played. Now that they are at school, this is a pretty rare occasion. Enjoy this time while you have it, I am sure you will miss it like I do.

Changing Diapers

This is another one that I never thought that I would miss. Changing diapers was never a fun thing for me to do. However, once my kids no longer needed diapers, I was kind of sad. Who would have thought that changing diapers would be missed? That pleasant smell and the always seemed to be inconvenient timing.


Finally, I really miss my kids when they go to school. When they were home, there is a lot of work for me to do, but I really like the constant companionship each day all day and not just after school.