When Should You Start Working Out?

weight lifting

Exercise is essential regardless of your age. It is important that we engage in physical activities because our body and our health benefit so much from it. There are so many health benefits from consistent exercise and a combination of low impact exercise such as walking, and higher impact such as HIIT or weight training. There are different types of physical activities. You can swim, run, do Yoga or Pilates or go into bodybuilding. When it comes to lifting weights and bodybuilding, does it matter when you start engaging into that activity?

Bodybuilding is a type of physical activity where one puts on muscle mass by working out and following a specifically designed diet. It can be done recreationally or as a competitive sport. A lot has been concerned that bodybuilding at such a young age could stunt the growth of the child. Children’s bodies are underdeveloped and they could be too young to handle the stress of weight training and their bodies are not physically mature enough. However, there are studies showing that this can actually be beneficial for the children. Aside from increasing muscular strength, it can improve brain-muscle interaction and it helps reduce the risk of injury.

If your child is interested in bodybuilding or weightlifting and you think he is too young, at least try to listen before completely dismissing the idea. The good thing about this is that this could be a habit that your child could pick up and the discipline he learns from the activity is something that he could use later on in life.

When you do decide to pursue with it, safety should always be considered. Children must be supervised by someone who’s trained, knowledgeable and mature. That mentor or trainer should acknowledge that children should not be training at the same intensity as that of an adult. Lifting light weights with more reps is more appropriate.